Delicious, natural and homemade products! 

Our commitment: the taste! 

In our Paris workshop, we make handcrafted cookies: not always perfectly round but always perfectly delicious. We use neither artificial additives nor palm oil and you could find all our ingredients in your own kitchen. Our cookies are not organic but they are all natural. They will appeal to the sweet tooth and bargain shopper in you. 

A natural conventional cookie beats a chemically processed, high fructose, palm oil infused cookie, even if it’s organic.

Our responsibility: your well-being!

All our products are certified gluten-free. They are made in our workshop, where we only make gluten-free cookies with our carefully selected ingredients. 

We are certified through AFNOR and have the AFDIAG license. Whether you are allergic or simply sensitive to gluten, you can enjoy our cookies without concern. 

For those who are lactose intolerant, we offer a lactose-free alternative: cookies made with coconut and sunflower oil (still no palm oil)!


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